Schools Conflict Resolution and Mediation


Schools Conflict Resolution and Mediation is an interactive role play competition for Western Australian Year 9 and 10 high school students.


Adjudicators, coaches and teachers may download the assessment sheets from the list on the right of this page. They are explained below:

Adjudication preparation sheet

This explains what the adjudicator needs to take with them to adjudicate and the process of adjudicating a school.

Adjudication feedback sheet - written

This form should be filled in and left with the school.

Adjudication feedback sheet - verbal

This is a guide for what the adjudicator should do at the completion of the mediation - that is the verbal interaction, and be given on conclusion of the mediation.

Score sheet with instructions

This is the transfer of the Adjudication Assessment Sheets into a quantitative score. It is to be kept confidential and forwarded to the SCRAM Coordinator for ranking.

Adjudication assessment sheet

This is the adjudicators marking sheet to be filled in during the adjudication. It is the adjudicators own notes and either this sheet or a copy should be returned to the SCRAM Coordinator.