Schools Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Teaching resources

Schools Conflict Resolution and Mediation is an interactive role play competition for Western Australian Year 9 and 10 high school students.

Teaching resources

View the extensive list of teaching and coaching resources to assist with the coaching of students in mediation.

Resources for download

  • Tips for Coaches
  • Tips for Teachers
  • Workshop slides (February 2010): Teachers, Coaches, Adjudicators - Program overview, roles & responsibilities
  • Workshop slides (June 2009): Analysing disputes, summarising & reframing
  • Article -Zariski, A., & Styles, I. (2004). The SCRAM Program for Conflict Resolution Education in Western Australian Secondary Schools.

Promotional and training video clips

The SCRAM promotional and training video clips explain what mediation is, give insights into the competition including the stages of mediation and show three samples of students practicing mediation.


Copies of the SCRAM DVD can be ordered from:

Margaret Dixon, SCRAM Convenor
Telephone: 0439 693 239

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